Mado El Khouly is a Vancouver based photographer who fell in love with photography in 2016. Photography started as an escape from the mundane day-to-day but has quickly turned into a passion and later a career.

What attracts Mado to photography is his ability to manipulate the world as he chooses to see it. Adobe Photoshop is what allowed Mado to fall in love with photography.

Mado finds inspiration everywhere; through conversing with friends, through other photographers on instagram, through photography magazines, or documentaries and through the music that he listens to.

"People see colour differently. This, right here, is the world as I see it through my lens. Don't be afraid to show off your colours." That is Mado's brand. He understands that photography is subjective. It is a form of self expression. He believes that people should not shy away from expressing themselves through photography in fear of negative judgement. 

Mado's ultimate goal is to teach photography. He conducts in-person and online workshops, as has a passion for teaching. You can find more of Mado's work on his instagram page.