Nighttime Presets

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A collection of 7 Adobe Lightroom nighttime presets that enhance your nighttime photographs.

This collection includes:

  • Moonlight - The soft child. This preset is a beautifully used when a nighttime photographs needs a bit of a glow without losing much detail.

  • Madolina - The moody nighttime preset. It's dark. It's fun. It's addicting. It's a fan of blues; especially for those urban nighttime photographs.

  • Nightwalk - When the nighttime photographs are too much blue. This is the go to preset. It desaturates the blues, turns the blues into greens and makes the reds pop.

  • Slow Motion - The sharp blue nighttime child. This preset packs a punch without changing much of the nighttime tones. It enjoyed the deep blues and enhances the overall nighttime photograph.

  • Detox - The nighttime doctor. This preset adjusts nighttime photographs and applies simple enhancements without changing much of the tones of the original photograph.

  • Gastown (V2) - The OG of the nighttime presets. This is an updated version of Gastown. It focuses on turquoise and teals on the nighttime photograph. It's sharp with a punch in clarity and contrast. A favourited nighttime preset.

  • Gravity (V2) - Another OG. This nighttime presets, similar to Gastown, focuses on the teals and turquoise but also makes the yellows and oranges brighter. It mutes the overall photograph without losing much detail. 

Each Preset may require exposure, contrast, and/or post vignetting adjustment depending on how the photograph was captured.